Eric Octavio Herrera (1982-2014)

21 Nov

So much has happened since I last posted. So much that it all seems unreal – time has been flying by at an incredible rate of speed. But the main cause of my health, both emotional and physical, has been my lovely cousin Eric who is no longer physically here with us. I will explain at a later tim. I promise. This will be an excellent place for me to write about my healing process which does not happen overnight or in a month or two. But for now check out his youtube video that was created by my cousin Laura. This was played at Eric’s funeral and is my first recollection of feeling pain and disbelief that he was gone. Seeing my sister and myself with Eric in many pictures, hurt so bad. He really was my older brother. Too bad for any future men in my life. Not only will they have to live up to my the example that my dad has given me as a male figure, but also to Eric’s example.

The songs are “Thug Mansion” by 2Pac- Eric’s favorite rapper. And of course Antonio Aguilar who always gets me incredibly emotional and nostalgic because he remind me of my grandparents.

He is featured with friends, family, but also random strangers including a man in town who is disfigured and a mute plus his niece Alicia whom he dearly loved. Eric was an extremely friendly and caring guy. He was the kind of person who would literally go and talk to homeless people or hold long conversations with grocery store clerks. I miss him a lot.

Without further a do, here is the youtube video


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