Julieta Venegas – 2000

10 Aug

Julieta just how she was the first time I saw her in early 2001. Such a talented woman!! The 2000-2003 Julieta is my favorite because her “Bueninvento” CD is a work of art. While her first CD “Aqui” is incredibly classical that shows off her musical abilities (and lots of vocal holds), its quite frankly not very exciting to listen to. “Bueninvento” takes the talent, bottles it up to create a beautifully dark and genius world to create a CD for the ages with her short and rhythmic phrases.Then she throws away a lot of rules of popular music in regards to chords, song structure, and instrument choice to create my favorite CD of all time. Sigh!! Thank you Youtube for such a beautiful video that took me back into that awkward Julieta that a nerd like me can relate to.

My favorite happens at 22:14 when she sings and plays “Flor”



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