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Women’s March 2017

22 Jan

Buzzfeed summarizes the best of Latino signs at  Womens March 2017

Gloria Trevi- El Ingrato (con Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles) live

5 Jan

I just bought tickets to see Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman together live in concert. Both are amazing in concert, but y’all know how much I love La Trevi in concert. I saw her back in 2008 in Hollywood for her first concert there since being released from jail. Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles joined her to play a profanity filled, man hating song. Its Paquita la del Barrio in a more intense version. Here is the exact version I heard live back in 2008. Enjoy!

Mariachi Sol de México- Himno de Alegria and Mariachi Reyna- Los Peces del Rio

4 Jan

I don’t like Sol too much- atleast in the past I haven’t. I’m more of a Mariachi Cobre type of girl. Sol’s live performances are predictable- boring, too many mainstream songs that don’t show their true ability as a group, and just… boring. Itunes led me to their Christmas album from 2008 which is just beautiful. The standout is a mariachi version of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” with sweet, declarative voicing in the chorus section. The intro is like a march- similar to the early Mariachi Reyna songs that Maestro Hernandez wrote. And no doubt Maestro Hernandez is taking a page off the classical opera for this album. He opts for the opera style versus the mariachi style which is not a bad thing considering these are Christmas classics en español. Save for “Los Peces del Rio” interpreted by Laura (i think) in her silky unique vocals, this is a Mariachi Sol CD- not a Reyna CD. Oh but I love her voice. I can pick up her voice anywhere. Fabulous job Maestro!


I’m back

4 Jan

I’m sorry I neglected you. You were my voice in music and the arts. Got stuck putting my professional and health as a priority. But thank you “friendship” for reminding me that I need to write. That I’m an introverted musician with a strong opinions. Seeing your thoughts on paper reminded me. It reminded me. Of me.


With that being said:

“Screw Maná and reggeaton. The thought of Maná doing reggeaton (shuddering)”

“screw SuperEstrella 107.1”

“Viva La Ranchera 96.7”

and Viva Pepe Aguilar