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Whitney Houston

28 May

Its Whitney that brings me back here. Reelz is doing a series of documentaries and the Whitney episode struck me the most mainly because she is the most vocally talented out of all the featured musicians.

I’ve written about Whitney before- when she passed away a few years ago. But I went back to listen to her Youtube videos and was filled with goosebumps and tears. She was just about perfect in her delivery, interpretation, and her songs- she had one heck of a team writing her songs.

Whitney’s performance at the 1994 Grammy’s singing “I Will Always Love You” is insanely ridiculous. Was she actually singing it live? You bet! Listen closely and she makes a few mistakes throughout the song. I can’t believe her amazing talent was lost to drugs. She’s just about perfect with her delivery. And then she looks and points at the audience like she’s yelling and projecting her emotions right at your soul. Fascinating . Just fascinating. I cried a little bit.

Check out “Greatest Love of All Time”

I want to cry.

It starts of so mellow and beautifully crescendoes into a piece of art. And are you listening to the lyrics? Its dedicated to all the children and believing in yourself in your dark times. Listen to those lyrics: “So I learned to depend on me.” (((CRYING!!)))I love you Whitney!!  But wait; listen to 5:29 of the video. I’m crying again.

Now check this rendition of “And I’m Telling you I’m not going, I Have Nothing” at the 1994 American Music Awards.

Why does she strike my soul so much? Maybe because she also reminds me of mariachi singers who hit the falsettos like a hupango ala “Cucurrucucu Paloma.” But then it goes into the deep long vocal holds like Lola Beltran once did. She reaches into those high falsetto and then easily drops into the low range in seemingless effort. But Whitney is Black. So her music has the perfect combo of soul, gospel, and the hip hop of the era. Its not annoying or exaggerated like Mariah or Christina Aguilera. She is Queen. She is a pastor and we are her followers listening to her every word. Her songs hit your heart and soul like no other. I felt like dropping to my knees in utter respect of her performance.  This is the best of Whitney.  Rest in Peace Whitney.