Julieta Venegas- Tiny Desk Concert 2011

9 Aug

Julieta Venegas is such an emo. Gotta love her. This live bare bones acoustic performance from 2011 made me remember why so many people, including myself, love her and her music. She’s very honest with herself through lyrics and not afraid to do things that are different like use a clarinet with an accordion in a live performance. Who does that?

And that black outfit. It brings out a visual representation of her first 2 song choices. Her first song “Si Tu No Estas” talking about a breakup and moving on after a breakup. And her second song “Debajo de Mi Lengua” about being unable to talk to someone, unable to fully trust someone. And then the killer chorus, “Todo lo que quiero se me escapa de las manos. Eso es lo que no quiero admitir. Todo lo que quiero se me escapa de las manos. Y no se manejarlo ”   The ultimate NERD chorus. Its admitting lacking social skills. About being awkward. Do you say more? Did you say too much? About letting everything that you want slip right through your hands. Its never being content because you never get what you want. What a pessimist line. The song is just awesome at capturing these insecurities that a lot of us go through, but it just reeks of socially awkward NERD. Or she’s just an awesome singer-songwriter who knows how to capture those feelings into a 3 minute song. Musicians/artists are known for feeling stronger emotions than others. Maybe she’s exaggerating a bit in these two songs, but its awesome.

Damn, this is what I’ve been listening to most of my adult life. It all makes sense now…


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